Software tools

Plant Simulation

logo Siemens

Since 2008 the department has a two seat license for the Plant Simulation software, developed by Siemens. This software is the state-of-the-art simulator for manufacturing systems, in-plant logistic systems, and related domains. It is highly object oriented, which means it can handle large, realistic models, yet requires limited modelling effort through strong inheritance. The department will expand the system with pre-configured submodels and model generators, to support quick modelling of real plants and manufacturing systems, with a focus on the internal logistics (part supply, line feeding, internal transportation). For more information, contact prof. H. Van Landeghem.


logo Flexsim

A powerful and full 3D simulation environment, allowing to build both simple and complex models.

The models can be:

A simulation model can help to decide about the really difficult aspects of system design:

and most other questions one can have.


logo ILOG

Full suite of mathematical modelling software, including CPLEX engine and AMPL modelling software. Can solve advanced mathematical models of production planning, supply chain planning, facility location selection, etc. For more information, contact prof. Aghezzaf of our department.