Peter Conradie

Peter completed his M.A. in Design (2011) at the Fachhochschule Potsdam. Before he also worked as researcher at the Interface Design Lab of the FH Potsdam and as student researcher at the Design Research Labs of Deutsche Telekom / TU Berlin. After graduating, he worked as researcher at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, group for Human Centered ICT, where he focused on public sector data (open data) release by local governments. In 2013, he started working at Ghent University. Projects include Range-IT, where he is doing user research for the development of an assistive device for blind persons and user research into e-bike users for bPost. He is currently pursuing a PhD focused on user types for user driven innovation, promoted by Prof. Jelle Saldien (Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Product Design) and Prof. Lieven De Marez. A special emphasis in his research is the role of persons with physical disabilities as user innovators.
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