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The ERIP team in Flanders has written a book about the ERIP methodology and the case studies from the Flemish SMEs. The book is called 'The Factory of the Future... now! - Sustainable productivity improvement for SMEs' and is written in Dutch. This book clearly describes how you can start with sustainable productivity improvement within your own company. Learning by doing is key here! 4 SMEs in Flanders and 24 SMEs throughout the North Sea Region showed the way. Their experiences and successes illustrate every aspect of the successful method.

The book is written in a way to provide a useful guidance on introducing continuous improvement in your company. You can order this do-it-yourself guide for free by filling in the order form on this page.


“How to Introduce Lean Management to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises” by Jens Mehmann, Benjamin Buetfering, Prof. Dr. Thorsten Litfin, UAS, Presented at the MITIP 2011, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway.

“Challenges and success factors for implementation of Lean Manufacturing in European SMEs” by Tim Govaert, Prof. Hendrik Van Landeghem and Ottar Bakas, Presented at the MITIP 2011 conference.

A joint paper on Lean produced by Newcastle University, Sintef and Groningen University was presented at the International Conference on Production Research held in Stuttgart from 31 July-4 August 2011. It has been accepted for publication in a special edition of the International Journal of Production Economics.

On May 1st, 2011, The Norwegian Trade Magazine “Logistics and Management” had a feature article of 4 pages about how Lean had been implemented in 4 Norwegian SMEs related to the project NCEI Lean, among them case company Noca. The “Logistics and Management” magazine has a print circulation of 7.400, and the target group is Norwegian top and middle managers in industry, trade and transport.

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"ERIP Introduction" by Tom McGovern

"The Belgian Experience" by Prof. Hendrik Van Landeghem & Thomas Van Landeghem

"The German Experience" by Prof. Thorsten Litfin & Jens Mehmann

"Netherlands interactive session: Improving the success of LCM in The Netherlands" by Folkert van der Meulen, Eric Micklinghoff & Peter Vonk

"The Dutch ERIP way, introduction" by Folkert van der Meulen

"The human factor in lean processes" by Peter Vonk

"Welcome address from the INTERREG Secretariat and Communities for Local Government, UK" by Lise Espersen

"The North Sea Region Programme Secretariat" by Iain Derrick

"The Norwegian experience" by Daryl Powell

"The UK Experience" by Adrian Small

"The Netherlands Experience" by Hermen Goedhart

"Comparisons between different SME programme philosophies" by Dr. Birgitta Öjmertz & Björn Westling

"'The Production Leap', a national support program for sustainable lean development in SME's" by SWEREA